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Relationships can be wonderful, supportive, nurturing, fun and loving. However, they can also be abusive, frustrating, hurtful, manipulative and damaging.

Sometimes, we have to maintain relationships where we feel we have been taken for granted, completely misunderstood and abused (emotionally or physically) and this can be extremely difficult and challenging.

However, there is effective help for relationships. A good adult partner relationship is where there is:

  • Equality
  • Trust
  • Intimacy
  • Respect for one another’s differences
  • Love or positive regard for one another
  • Mutual support for one another

We need to relate to and communicate with our partners, our immediate family, our extended family, our children, our friends, our friends’ children, our work colleagues, our boss, various managers, associates, and ultimately with every person we have contact with i.e. society as a whole.

We sometimes need reminding that we are each and every one of us a valuable part of society and society is built on relationships.

Relationships form the fabric of life but if you are locked into unhelpful or destructive patterns, you may get little joy from relating to other people.

A significant relationship may have conditioned you to believe negative things about yourself that are not true. You cannot change another person but you can change how you allow them to make you feel.

Relationship Therapy 

I have been awarded Distinction in my Masters in Relationship Therapy where Systemic and Psychodynamic theories are combined into an Integrative approach. I am able to offer Couples Therapy, Family Therapy and individual Relationship Therapy.

Using various explorative techniques, I will help you to better understand your relationships. You will develop increased awareness of your own needs and motivations, you will grow to value yourself more and you will feel much better about yourself as you develop the resources to build positive relationships in your life.

If you feel Relationship Therapy is the way forward for you, individually or as a couple, please visit my relationship site: www.relationshiphelp.uk