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Hypnotherapy for Children 

Children over the age of 7 

Children over the age of 7 can benefit from Hypnotherapy.

In order for any therapy to be effective with children it is important for the child to feel completely comfortable, happy and at ease with their therapist.

It is essential to establish the child’s view of their problem. With young children I use a variety of play techniques to enable the child to feel relaxed and secure. Through structured engagement with play, the child is able to express difficult and painful issues.

Most importantly, I develop a therapeutic strategy that fits the child’s reality, identifying symbolic representation of the problem whilst at the same time creating resolution through symbolic resources.



Teenagers have different issues to younger children. However, they are equally responsive to the therapeutic structure.

The key aim of hypnotherapy with children is to engage the child’s attention and encourage them to become absorbed in real or imagined events. Children are more imaginative than adults, they have a wonderful capacity for play and can be hugely resourceful. Through the process of metaphor, story and key characters, the child receives new understanding and comes to realise that they can actualize their new understanding into new, more appropriate and helpful behaviour.


Bed wetting 

Issues such as bed-wetting (enuresis), soiling (copresis) anxiety, bullying, fear of the dentist/doctor/school can create real unhappiness in children. However, these can all be greatly helped and often completely resolved with hypnotherapy. In some cases, it would be necessary for the child to have a medical assessment first, i.e. in the case of stomach pains.

If nothing is shown to be medically wrong, then hypnotherapy can be used to treat psychosomatic disorders.

With hypnotherapy, the focus will be with the child and on what the child is saying.

Hopefully your child will feel comfortable talking on their own.  If this is the case, then the whole session is recorded on video and digitally stored. You will need to sign a video consent form to give your agreement. The videos provide a document and are never viewed or accessed for training, presentation or for any other purpose.

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