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Panic Attacks

Hypnotherapy to stop panic attacks 

Panic is associated with many anxious conditions and a panic attack, when it occurs, can be, at the least, unsettling and at the worst, terrifying. Because panic attacks take people completely by surprise, frequently seeming to come out of the blue, they can feel particularly alarming.  Both men and women experience panic attacks.

Symptoms of a panic attack 

People undergoing a panic attack are likely to experience some of these symptoms:

  • Racing of the heart
  • Shortness of breath/hyperventilation
  • Dizziness/feelings of being about to faint
  • Growing sense of unreality
  • Feelings of falling
  • Crushing sensation on the chest
  • Overwhelming sense of panic
  • Overwhelming fear of dying
  • Increasing feelings of fear or dread

Owing to the alarming nature of panic attacks,  a person might begin to change their normal behaviour. For instance, a person who used to go out frequently might start staying at home. Eventually, they may stop going out all together. It is not uncommon for someone who has had a panic attack to develop agoraphobia and this can happen in a remarkably short amount of time. This is because people experience a drop in confidence and, understandably, they feel much more vulnerable when they are out.  Therefore, it is not surprising that they do not want to go too far from home where they feel comfortable and secure.  The problem with the the experience of a panic attack is that it sets up ‘anxiety expectation’ i.e. the apprehension of it happening again. We are all concerned about how others perceive us and  it is very likely that someone who has had a panic attack will be afraid of:

  • Losing control in public
  • Losing consciousness in public
  • Being perceived as ‘strange’
  • Being too far from assistance if medical help is required

If you are living with recurrent panic attacks, just have a look back over recent events in your life and take a look at what has been stressful and anxiety provoking,  because a panic attack is most likely to occur after a period of prolonged stress/anxiety. Although they seem out of your control, panic attacks can be treated very successfully with hypnotherapy because your mind can be re-educated to understand what is happening to your body. As a result, you will discover that your mind and body work together. We can analyse your anxious thinking so that  you can learn to re-direct your focus away from physical feelings. During therapy, you will experience the importance of relaxation and there will be short exercises for you to carry out in the intervening week. As you regain your confidence week by week you will feel more and more able to live a complete and satisfying life.