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Banish blushing with Hypnotherapy

It may not seem a serious issue to those people who do not experience blushing themselves, but to someone who blushes a lot, it causes huge embarrassment and upset.  A person prone to blushing could blush several times a day and the severity can range from a hot flushing feeling to angry looking blotches that can cover the face and neck and even extend down into the arms and upper chest.  The person feels that their emotions are constantly visible and they may start to cover up their neck and arms in an attempt to hide their blushing. The blushing person feels an intense heat and will normally feel that the redness is looking ten times worse than it actually is.

Blushing seems to be triggered when a person is put on the spot and has the focus of attention directed at them.  Most people don’t like to be put on the spot but for a person who blushes it can feel excruciatingly painful. It is as though some deeper anxiety is triggered and this anxiety will usually be linked to some form of negative thinking about themselves.

Because it is is a symptom of the fight or flight response, hypnotherapy can be a highly effective treatment for blushing.  By addressing the negative belief systems and exploring the actual evidence, your mind-body system can develop different responses which leave you feeling calm and in control.