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What will a hypnotherapy session feel like?

This is a little harder to answer as different people experience different things, according to the issues that they want to address.

The talking part of hypnotherapy might be a huge release for some people. They might be sharing something for the very first time. For some people, talking might be very difficult and it might be a painful process. On occasions, the hypnotherapist might question something that has been said and the client may feel gently challenged.

The relaxation part of hypnotherapy is where the client is facilitated into ‘a more focused state of awareness’ .This is a pleasant experience and afterwards, most people feel refreshed and re-energised. During this relaxation some people feel heavy, some people feel light, some people experience a tingling sensation, some people do not experience anything at all. Some people have heard every word and some people have felt as though they were drifting in and out of sleep.

A shift in thinking can occur during the session.  However, changes occur at different times for different people and many clients process new information in between actual hypnotherapy sessions.

Hypnotherapy is a highly positive experience. You may be greatly surprised by what you discover about yourself and how much better you can feel.