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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for changing the way you think, feel or behave, by using techniques to rest your conscious mind and communicate with your unconscious mind. This is facilitated through encouraging a state of deep relaxation within your body and your mind.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful combination of hypnosis and therapy, the purpose of which is to enable you to connect with your inner resources to find meaningful and helpful alternatives to your present unsatisfactory way of behaving, thinking or feeling.

Words are key to successful hypnotherapy. An effective hypnotherapist will be skilled in understanding language use.

Hypnotherapy is complementary to medical practice.

Hypnotherapy interventions are used to bring about the changes that you want to achieve. Hypnotherapy bears no resemblance to members of an audience being made to do silly things by a ‘magician-hypnotist’. At no time, will you be made to do things against your will. Hypnotherapy is not at all like stage hypnotism that is shown as entertainment on T.V. You are always in control.

Your hypnotherapy session will involve a period of time where you, the client, explore your feelings regarding your issue/s. You might be experiencing problems with sleep, you might be feeling extreme anxiety, you might have an unhelpful habit that you know you need to change or your life might be restricted through fear. I will employ different techniques to help you re-assess your own thoughts and beliefs. The session will include a period of time where you are facilitated into a state of ‘focused attention’ which is sometimes referred to as ‘trance’. In this state you will be receptive to new and helpful ideas.

I am an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and EMDR psychotherapist, skilled in a wide range of techniques and interventions. I am perceptive, knowledgeable, creative and flexible. Hypnotherapy is a partnership between client and therapist with specific interventions designed to bring about the changes you seek.

People experience the benefits of hypnotherapy over different periods of time. Some people can notice instant changes, whereas others may find themselves surprised by feeling differently, gradually, over a period of several weeks.

Over the years the thing people have most frequently said to me after a course of Hypnotherapy is “Deborah, everyone needs Hypnotherapy!”